Welcome Message


My name is Se Woong Kang, and I am the President of the Korean Retina Society.

Over the last thirty years since its establishment in 1984, the Korean Retina Society has made great achievements qualitatively as well as quantitatively, gaining national and international recognition. I am very proud of the progress we’ve made. This is entirely due to the dedication and hard work of our members.

By making even more innovative strides, I hope our hard work will result in this conference becoming internationally renowned and that many retinal specialists from abroad would like to participate. We will continue to make improvements to the format of the conference to make it even more exciting and informative.

In recent years, retinal care at local clinics has increased significantly. In order to support this demand, the Society should also prepare a forum for retinal members from the local clinics and heed more closely to their policy requirements. This may seem trivial, but I would like to provide support to the broader network, with the intent that the Society must help patients with all kinds of retinal diseases.

Of course, the Society’s important tasks which include academic exchange outreach, textbook revisions, and retinal magazines will continue to progress as they have been thus far. Through the website of the Retina Society, we will take care not only to share information among members but also to provide useful and relevant information to non-members.

As the President of the Retina Society, I pray for the peace of all people's retinas. Thank you.

2019. 12.
Se Woong Kang
President of the Korean Retina Society