12월 11일 (금) 1일차

15:00~15:05 Opening Remark 강세웅 (한국망막학회 회장)
15:05~16:09 Free Paper Session 1 김철구(김안과병원)
15:05~15:13 Repeated Intravitreal Injection after Sterile Endophthalmitis Associated withIntravitreal Aflibercept Injections: A Case Series of 4 Patients. 강혜민(관동대)
15:13~15:21 Atypical Microbiological Feature of Infectious Endophthalmitis on Jeju Island: A10-Year Study at a Single Tertiary Referral Center 김진영(제주대)
15:21~15:29 Pigmented Paravenous Chorioretinal Atrophy : Clinical Spectrum and MultimodalImaging Characteristics 이은경(서울대)
15:29~15:37 파킨슨병에서 나타나는 망막의 변화; 과거, 현재, 그리고 미래 안지윤(서울대)
15:37~15:45 Innovative Strategy for Standardized, Structured, and Interoperable Results inOphthalmic Examinations 박상준(서울대)
15:45~15:53 Morphometric Analysis of Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cells from C57Bl/6J MiceDuring Aging 김용규(한림대)
15:53~16:01 Superoxide Dismutase 3 Prevents Early Stage Diabetic Retinopathy inStreptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rat Model 김미리내(가톨릭대)
16:01~16:09 전문병원에서의 유전자 패널 검사: Early Experience 김재휘(김안과병원)
16:09~16:15 Break Time
16:15~17:15 Update of Cutting Edge Retinal Researches by Clinician Scientists 윤영희(울산대)
16:15~16:27 ‘Retina in a Dish’ – Retinal Organoid 이준원(연세대)
16:27~16:39 Vascular Biology in the Retina and Choroid 이준엽(울산대)
16:39~16:51 Characteristics of Inherited Retinal Disease and Variant Identification 주광식(서울대)
16:51~17:03 Current Issues of A.I. in Medicine and Ophthalmology 조범주(한림대)
17:03~17:15 Recent Trend of Ophthalmic Epidemiology 박상준(서울대)
17:15~17:20 Break Time
17:20~18:16 My Coolest or Nightmare Surgical Video by Young Retinal Surgeon 김종우(김안과병원)
17:20~17:27 Case 1 신주영(서울대)
17:27~17:34 Case 2 배건호(동국대)
17:34~17:41 Case 3 백지원(가톨릭대)
17:41~17:48 Case 4 이지환(연세대)
17:48~17:55 Case 5 유나경(중앙보훈병원)
17:55~18:02 Case 6 백승국(건양대)
18:02~18:09 Case 7 김경태(울산대)
18:09~18:16 Case 8 신민호(조선대)
18:16~18:20 Break Time
18:20~19:00 Bayer Symposium 김순현(누네안과병원)
18:20~18:40 How to Treat? What to Consider? Achieving Optimal Vision Gains with Eylea Q16 김상진(성균관대)
18:40~19:00 Optimizing Patient Management in DME : Early Intensive Treatment with Eylea inClinical Practice 김정열(충남대)
19:00~19:05 Break Time
19:05~20:06 Surgical Retina Update 1: Hot Topics on IOL 윤일한(누네빛안과)
박규형 (서울대)
19:05~19:30 Yamane Technique Shin Yamane (Yamane Eye Clinic,Japan)
19:30~19:39 Tips for Cataract Surgery in Patients with Retinal Pathology 최경식(순천향대)
19:39~19:48 Accurate IOL Power Calculation in Complicated Vitreoretinal Surgeries 김민(연세대)
19:48~19:57 Management of IOL Dislocation and Subluxation 김지택(중앙대)
19:57~20:06 Tips for Successful Fluid-Air Exchange or Silicone Oil Tamponade inPseudophakic Eyes with Posterior Capsular Defects 지영석(전남대)
20:06~20:10 Break Time
20:10~21:00 Surgical Retina Update 2 : Techniques and Devices 이병로(한양대)
20:10~20:20 Various ILM Management Methods in Macular Hole Surgery 변익수(부산대)
20:20~20:30 Unusual Epiretinal Membrane Surgery 이승규(연세대)
20:30~20:40 Management of Myopic Traction Maculopathy 박운철(서울대)
20:40~21:50 Surgical Devices for Vitreoretinal Surgery 남기엽(충남대)
21:50~21:00 Future Perspectives In Retinal Surgeries 문상웅(경희대)
21:00~21:05 Break Time
21:05~22:05 Keynote Session 강세웅(성균관대)
21:05~21:35 Artificial Intelligence For Retinopathy Of Prematurity: Promises And Challenges Michael Chiang (National EyeInstitute)
21:35~22:05 Inflammation in Retinal Disease Pathogenesis Rajendra Apte (WashingtonUniversity School of Medicine in St.Louis)  

12월 12일 (토) 2일차

09:00~09:45 E-Poster Re-Visit 이성진(순천향대), 이상준(고신대)
09:00~09:05 증식당뇨망막병증 환자에서 발생한 망막 상부의 복합망막박리 (Tractional and/orRhegmatogenous Retinal Detachment (Combined RD))에 대한 유리체절제술 후 남겨진 망막하액의 부작용 ; 증례들 김기석(새빛안과병원)
09:05~09:10 Twenty-Seven-Gauge Endo-Illuminator-Assisted Scleral Buckling Using a Wide-Field Viewing System 남기엽(충남대)
09:10~09:15 Clinical Prognosis of Central Serous Chorioretinopathy with Quiescent ChoroidalNeovascularization after Detection in the Real World: A RetrospectiveObservational Case Series 김래영(가톨릭대)
09:15~09:20 Neovascular Glaucoma Associated with Cytomegalovirus Retinitis after IntravitrealTriamcinolone Injection in an Immunocompetent Patient 신용운(한양대)
09:20~09:25 결절맥락막혈관병증에서 라니비주맙 주사 후 재발 때 눈속 사이토카인의 변화 변익수(부산대)
09:25~09:30 Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor in Patients with Macular Telangiectasia Type 2and Its Correlation with Macular Ganglion Cell-Inner Plexiform Layer Thinning 김성택(조선대)
09:30~09:35 Long-Term Safety and Tolerability of Subretinal Transplantation of EmbryonicStem Cell-Derived Retinal Pigment Epithelium in Asian Age-Related MacularDegeneration Patients 송원경(차의과대)
09:35~09:40 White Light-Emitting Diodes with Reduced Short-Wavelength Blue Light LevelInduce Lesser Retinal Damage in a Rat Model 오종현(동국대)
09:40~09:45 임신 당뇨 환자에서 유리체강내 스테로이드 및 Anti-Vegf 주입술에 대한 증례 김도균(명지병원)
09:45~09:50 Break Time
09:50~10:54 Free Paper Session 2 고형준(연세대), 유형곤(서울대)
09:50~09:58 한국망막학회 개별연구 지원사업 보고 – Long-Term Progression Of PericentralHydroxychloroquine Retinopathy 안성준(한양대)
09:58~10:06 Obesity, Nutritional Intake, and Age-Related Macular Degeneration 배정훈(성균관대)
10:06~10:14 Phacovitrectomy versus lens-sparing vitrectomy for rhegmatogenous retinaldetachment repair according to the surgical experience 박규형(서울대)
10:14~10:22 Prevalence of Epiretinal Membrane in Phakic Eyes Based on Spectral-DomainOptical Coherence Tomography 전소희(카이안과)
10:22~10:30 Relationship Between Proteinuria and Optical Coherence Tomographic Featuresof the Chorioretina in Patients with Preeclampsia 김유철(계명대)
10:30~10:38 황반원공 수술에서 ILM 쉽게 다루기 : Temporal Hinged Inverted ILM FlapPositioning and Free ILM Flap Insertion 김중곤(울산대)
10:38~10:46 Factors Associated with Ocular Adverse Events after Immune Checkpoint InhibitorTreatment 이승규(연세대)
10:46~10:54 Ab-Interno Surgical Technique for the Implantation of a Wireless SubretinalProsthesis in Mini-Pigs 김성우(고려대)
10:54~11:00 Break Time
11:00~12:00 Translational research in Retina: PhD. Perspective 진희승(인하대), 손준홍(한길안과병원)
11:00~11:12 Study on Hyaloid Vascular Regression and 2 Retinal & Choroidal VascularDevelopment in Rat Eyes Using OCTA 오왕열(KAIST)
11:12~11:24 Real-time Intravital Microscopy for In Vivo Cellular-level Retinal Imaging 김필한(KAIST)
11:24~11:36 Getting the blind to see: Understanding electrically-elicited responses of thehealthy and degenerate retinas for artificial vision 임매순(KIST)
11:36~11:48 Mechanisms of retinal development and regeneration 김진우(KAIST)
11:48~12:00 Regulatory Mechanism of Hippo-YAP Pathway by Photobiomodulation 류정묵(건양대)
12:00~12:05 Break Time
12:05~12:45 Novartis symposium 강세웅(성균관대)
12:05~12:25 Fluid and Anti-VEGF 오재령(고려대)
12:25~12:45 eovu Update:PCV Sub-analysis Data & Real World Experience Tomohiro Iida (Tokyo Women'sMedical University Hospital, Japan)
12:45~13:00 해외연수기 1
12:45~12:50 Stanford 연수기 박정현(인제대)
12:50~12:55 쉴즈 박사와 함께한 안구종양 펠로우십.(미국연수기) 김민(연세대)
12:55~13:00 Doheny Eye Institute에서의 연수생활을 되돌아보며 지영석(전남대)
13:00~13:05 Break Time
13:05~14:13 Surgical preference 강세웅(성균관대), 김윤영(대구가톨릭대)
13:05~13:22 Submacular hemorrhage in AMD
13:05~13:10 I Prefer Anti-VEGF Injection with or without Pneumatic Displacement 한용섭(경상대)
13:10~13:15 I Prefer Vitrectomy with t-PA Injection 사공민(영남대)
13:15~13:22 Discussion
13:22~13:39 Residual vitreous: a potential source of surgical failure
13:22~13:27 Complete Vitrectomy Is Always Necessary for Improving Surgical Success 한정일(영등포 이안과)
13:27~13:32 Complete Vitrectomy Is Not Necessary for Most Retinal Diseases 김유철(계명대)
13:32~13:39 Discussion
13:39~13:56 ILM peeling in RD/PVR vitrectomy
13:39~13:44 I Prefer ILM Peeling in All Cases 조영준(충남대)
13:44~13:49 I Prefer ILM Peeling in Selected Cases Only 이미연(가톨릭대)
13:49~13:56 Discussion
13:56~14:13 Primary surgery for RRD-update
13:56~14:01 I Prefer Scleral Buckling ± Vitrectomy 이종현(인제대)
14:01~14:06 I Prefer Vitrectomy Only 이승우(동국대)
14:06~14:13 Discussion
14:13~14:17 Break Time
14:17~15:13 Free Paper Session 3 - AMD 김형찬(건국대), 함돈일(성균관대)
14:17~14:25 Assessing the Long-Term Evolution of Type 3 Neovascularization in Age-Related Macular Degeneration Using Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography 조한주(김안과병원)
14:25~14:33 Submacular Hemorrhage from Neovascular Age-Related Macular Degeneration and Polypoidal Choroidal Vasculopathy: Incidence, Risk Factors and Treatment Options 우세준(서울대)
14:33~14:41 Interim Safety and Efficacy Results of a Phase 1 Study on ALT-L9 in Patients with Neovascular Age-Related Macular Degeneration 이주용(울산대)
14:41~14:49 Super Stable PCV - Clinical features and dosing strategy 고형준(연세대)
14:49~14:57 Association of Treatment Response with Quantitative Changes in CNV and Choroidal Vessels in neovascular Age-Related Macular Degeneration 김형찬(건국대)
14:57~15:05 Retinal Topographic Features in Eyes with Dry Age-Related Macular Degeneration 윤철민(고려대)
15:05~15:13 Comparison of single drusen size on color fundus photography and spectraldomain optical coherence tomography 김동윤(충북대)
15:13~15:20 Break Time
15:20~16:20 Imaging, medical retina update 이원기(누네안과병원), 유승영(경희대)
15:20~15:30 Pachychoroid Spectrum Disease: Update 정혜원(건국대)
15:30~15:40 Dry AMD: Update 변석호(연세대)
15:40~15:50 Retinal Vascular Disorders 우세준(서울대)
15:50~16:00 OCT-Angiography (or Wide-Field OCT) 이주용(울산대)
16:00~16:10 Macular Telangiectasis 이기황(아주대)
16:10~16:20 ROP Update: How to Safely Use Anti-VEGF in ROP 김상진(성균관대)
16:20~16:40 해외연수기 2
16:20~16:25 Retina imaging study in Stein eye Institute, UCLA 이미연(가톨릭대)
16:25~16:30 RCSD (Retina Consultants San Diego) 연수기 이진해(퍼스트성모안과)
16:30~16:35 Retinal Disorders and Ophthalmic Genetics Division at Stein Eye Institute, UCLA 안지윤(서울대)
16:35~16:40 Emory Eye Center 연수기 김용규(한림대)
16:40~16:45 Break Time
16:45~17:41 Free Paper Session 4 - AMD & DMR 양연식(원광대), 신재필(경북대)
16:45~16:53 CNV-like Lesions Seen with SS-OCT and SS-OCTA 이주은(제안과)
16:53~17:01 Characteristics of CNV secondary to CSC evaluated by multimodal imaging 사공민(영남대)
17:01~17:09 Classification of Pachychoroid on Optical Coherence Tomography Using Deep Learning 백지원(가톨릭대)
17:09~17:17 Correlation of Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography with Fluorescein Angiography in Neovascular Age-Related Macular Degeneration 안소민(고려대)
17:17~17:25 Quantitative Analysis of Retinal Microvascular Perfusion and Novel Biomarkers of Treatment Response in Diabetic Macular Edema 박영근(가톨릭대)
17:25~17:33 당뇨황반부종에서 유리체내 항혈관내피성장인자와 스테로이드 혼합요법의 치료효과 분석 마대중(한림대)
17:33~17:41 Quantification of Retinal Microvascular Parameters by Severity of Diabetic Retinopathy Using Wide-Field Swept-Source Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography 김기영(경희대)
17:41~18:01 학술상 수상자 강연
17:41~17:51 40세 이하 부문 안지윤(서울대)
17:51~18:01 40세 이상 부문 김재휘(김안과병원)
18:01~18:10 Break Time
18:10~19:15 총회

12월 13일 (일) 3일차 개원 회원을 위한 심포지엄

09:00~09:05 Opening Remarks 강세웅 (한국망막학회 회장)  
09:05~09:25 망막 의사의 직업병 김형일 (경주성모안과)  
  Ophthalmology Cripples Ophthalmologists (망막전문의와 디스크통증) 박동호(경북대)
09:25~10:00 Controversies: Vitrectomy for Floaters 임선택 (파랑새안과)  
09:25~09:32 Vitrectomy for floaters: introduction 황덕진(한길안과)
09:32~09:36 Vitrectomy for floaters: Pros 허장원(더원서울안과)  
09:36~09:46 Vitrectomy for floaters: Cons 박영훈(가톨릭대)  
09:46~10:00 패널토의 김상진(성균관대)  
10:00~10:05 Break Time
10:05~10:45 Various Techniques of IOL Fixation 김태완 (SNU청안과)  
10:05~10:15 Retropupillary Iris Claw Lens 김형일 (경주성모안과)
10:15~10:25 소절개창을 이용한 공막고정 임선택 (파랑새안과)
10:25~10:35 4 Loop IOL 이용한 공막고정 오현섭 (누네안과)
10:35~10:45 Discussion
10:45~11:35 New Instruments and Machines 유용성 (누네안과)  
10:40~10:50 Vitrectomy Machine & Instruments 장우혁 (장우혁안과)
10:50~11:00 Vitrectomy Machine 김영덕 (광주최고안과)
11:00~11:10 Vitrectomy Instruments 김민 (연세대)
11:10~11:20 New ERG Machine 김종인 (밝은빛 김안과)
11:20~11:30 Macular Pigment Screener 조은형 (연세플러스안과)
11:35~11:40 Break Time
11:40~11:55 2020년 망막학회에서 처리한 보험관련 이슈 문상웅(경희대)  
11:55~12:00 Break Time
12:00~12:40 Allergan Symposium 박규형 (서울대)
12:00~12:20 Clinical Benefit of Ozurdex® for DME Naive Patients with Pseudophakic 이지은 (이안과)  
12:20~12:40 Clinical Benefit of Early Switching to Ozurdex® in Anti-VEGF Non-Responders 우세준 (서울대)  
12:40~13:05 [Late Breaking Session] Fungal Endophthalmitis After Cataract Surgery 양연식 (원광대)  
12:40~12:46 증례 발표 1 채주병 (충북대)
12:46~12:52 증례 발표 2 김성우 (고려대)  
12:52~13:05 Discussion
13:05~13:10 Closing Remarks 김상진 (한국망막학회 총무이사)  

학술대회 프로그램


사전등록마감일 : 2020년 12월 6일(일)

연수평점 : 11일 4평점 / 12일 5평점 / 13일 3평점



정회원 등록비면제
전문의(펠로우 제외) 6만원
전공의/펠로우 4만원
예비회원(펠로우 수료자) 6만원
예비회원(펠로우) 4만원
기타 업체등록자 4만원


계좌번호 : 신한은행 100-031-790998 (예금주 : 한국망막학회)